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Alliance Intro

Post  Ginjiro on Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:05 pm


Thank you for taking time to come visit our website. We at Aurora have a few goals, some of which we have met, and are currently in the process of making new ones. We feel that having some direction can push us to greater heights, and therefore can better ourselves at the same time. The leaders are expected to act like leaders here. Its just for the good of the Alliance. If you can't lead your own clan you will have problems later on down the road in our journey. We enjoy a variety of things, and as such, we are very diverse. Different opinions can combine to make a greater whole here. Drama is next to nil, and we plan to keep it that way. This is supposed to be a game, there's no need for all that excess emotional baggage. We do have vent, and I do ask leaders to make sure that their members can atleast get on it, whether or not they can talk. It makes it easier for group activites where typing can lead to death (Raids, Wars, etc.) We are active on the official forums, and as such, we do not bring drama there.

Joining Aurora

If you chose to join us, then you are expected to be able to ask for help. Everyone isn't perfect and we can't help you if you are unwilling to ask. We currently support both PvP and PvE players, and are headed in the direction to have mass PvP and Wars. That does not make it a mandatory requirement to join us, its more or less just a direction that the Alliance as a whole is moving towards. And yes, most major changes in this Alliance will be put up in the most democratic way possible. Via a vote. As such, neither I nor the Warlord will voice an opinion, until the event of a tie. In which Case the Warlord will add his two cents. If somehow there is STILL a tie, I will put my foot down.
Politics is something that the leaders are expected to be a part of, and yes, even in a game there's plenty of that here. We do not currently have any partnerships with any Alliances, although that CAN change in the future. Donations (for Renown, Contribution, & Power) are expected weekly. If you don't feel enough pride to be a part of this Alliance and donate atleast ONCE a week then we will have problems.
I ask that you have a sense of humor, since people do like to make jokes, and few, if any, is in spite. If something is said that offended you, let that person know, and they should stop. If that fails, let their clan chief know, and follow up the chain from there. Trust me, if it gets all the way up to either me or my XO ( Raiyan) then we have a SERIOUS problem on our hands, and it WILL be dealt with, probably in the most imaginative manner I can think of too.
Thanks for your time, and hopefully, see you soon.

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